A Three Stage Meditation Technique For You

There are many ways to meditate and today I’d like to present to you a three part meditation technique that I use to enable feelings of calm, relaxation and peace any time that I use it.

So, in this meditation technique, you will be concentrating on your breath to develop an unconscious connection so feelings of relaxation, peace and wellness will be established within you and you’ll be able to recover these feelings whenever the need arises.

Do not rush this meditation technique or hold out for any quick results. It requires time and patience to train your mind to master the three levels of this type of meditation presented below.

Stage 1 – Concentration

The first stage of this meditation technique is really a strategy in starting and maintaining concentration. As soon as you are relaxed, concentrate on your breath for only a couple of minutes.

After you find yourself completely relaxed and at ease, focus on the various noises that you hear around you. Attempt not to form thoughts about the noises but rather just simply listen and let your mind flow around and through the sounds without any information or judgment.

When you begin to do this first level start off small say, between two to five minutes to start with, and then build up your activity to 20 minutes at a time, releasing your attention to the noises and concentrating on your breath as you begin to be more aware of your body.

Repeat this exercise till you can easily follow known noises, expected sounds and unexpected sounds with the very same calm and concentrated feeling as if there were no noises at all.

You might then start off things with a favourite, soothing or calming piece of music.

Next, when you have mastered the known sound concentration technique, you may then focus on a piece of music you are not knowledgeable with (for example a classical piece of music).

When you feel comfortable with being able to follow unknown pieces of music without trailing off into unrestrained ideas, you are ready to move to the last sound workout.

The final noise focus will be on uncommon sounds, such as whale songs or other digital noises.

When you are able to follow these uncommon sounds without your mind wandering regardless of the source, you are ready for the second level of this meditation technique.

Now, this next stage may take you several weeks of practice prior to you having the ability to stay focused for up to 20 minutes without your mind roaming. Be patient and keep in mind, these techniques are like developing a new muscle.

Stage 2 – Imagination And Visualisation

The second stage in this strategy for improving your meditation abilities is based around focusing on your imagination and visualisation capabilities.

After going through the relaxation process and putting yourself in a comfortable position, concentrate on your breath for a couple of minutes till you are entirely relaxed and centred.

You are now going to produce a scene in your mind of a preferred location of your choosing. This favourite place may exist in reality or only in your mind.

Make the effort to carefully develop an in-depth image of this place where you can feel the air, hear the sounds, and be aware of the smells surrounding you as you put yourself in the centre of this favourite location.

Hang out in this location over and over again in meditation till you can rapidly call upon this imagery whenever you desire. Along with the image will come all the feelings of wellness, joy, peace and happiness that you’ll associate with your preferred place.

Stage 3 – Structured Thought

The third stage of this meditation technique is all about focusing on structured thoughts such as a favourite saying, quote or aphorism.

Now, there are so many sayings to choose from so put in the time to find one that produces an exploratory thought process for you. Unlike previous workouts, you are now going to let your ideas circulate around in your mind as you are meditating.

As you are meditating, follow these ideas through imagery, feelings and awareness with the goal of understanding the significance of your favourite saying thoroughly.

What will surprise you is the depth and breadth of comprehending even a simple saying can produce.

Using these methods will open you up to a world of idea management, directional focus and a deeper understanding of the self and acceptance of others.

By focusing on the breath as you develop your meditation and concentration skills, you will begin to automatically associate these tranquil sensations with the control of your breath. Then, when you are faced with a demanding scenario, you can call upon these sensations simply by slowing down your breath and relaxing your muscles.

Through utilising this three part meditation technique, feelings of relaxation, wellness and peace will always be available to you when and where you need it.

This meditation technique requires practise but then again, anything worth doing and achieving will requires the time to master it. I can assure you though, it will be worth it.

Until next time, be still and enjoy the silence,

Corey Stewart
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