The Calm Life – Getting Back Onto The Path Again

Hello. My name is Corey Stewart and I’m the creator of The Calm Life

I am a singer/songwriter, musician, producer and blogger from Australia, but I am also someone who has walked the (Secular) Buddhist path for over 20 years

The Calm Life actually started around ten years ago as an idea that my late wife and I had to document our respective journeys together, demystify meditation and mindfulness and to connect people to meditation groups, mindful groups and different products and services in the “spirituality” business space.

After a few false starts, The Calm Life of today has unfortunately deviated away from where it needs to be in regards to content, intention and purpose.

It’s a bit confused and directionless because I had no idea what The Calm Life meant to me in the first place but I intend to change this. 

As mentioned on the ABOUT page, the reason why The Calm Life exists was…

“… as a way of reinforcing my own daily practises while at the same time sharing my own journey with the rest of the world.”

When I initially wrote those words way back in the middle of 2019, I really had no idea of what I was getting into and how I was going to operate The Calm Life for the benefit of myself and most importantly, the readers.

No, I have more of an idea what this site is going to be all about and this post is my public recognition of this realisation. I feel that until I put this post out into the world I’m unable to move on with building The Calm Life.

Yes, the content will still be about demystifying meditation, mindfulness and everything that surrounds that but it will also be about demystifying and dereligifying Buddhism and the Buddhist experience, presenting it as a way of life and not as a religious doctrine.

The content will still be mainly created by me but I will also curate the relevant and up-to-date content from the net because we can all learn from the experiences of others as well as from our own.

I still intend to monetise The Calm Life in the future by recommending products and services that I find to be of value for anyone exploring the road to calm but my initial goal is to get this site back on track and build up the content, information and of course, the interaction with you, the reader.

As the saying goes… “In order to be understood first I must seek to understand.”

From now on, there will be more content and more information presented in a more consultant manner and over time The Calm Life will get back to where I want it to be as a means of “reinforcing my own daily practises while at the same time sharing my own journey with the rest of the world.”

The time to start is NOW. Let us now move forward and find The Calm Life together…

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