Corey Stewart

Corey Stewart

What Does “Calm” Mean To You?

Evening clouds over the sea

To fully understand what “calm” means to us. We must first find out what the definition of “calm” is and start working backwards from there. According to, calm is defined as follows… (of a person) Peaceful, quiet, especially free from anger and…

The Seven Habits Of Calmness

Heavenly Clouds & Spring Sunset

In my last post I addressed how we all should create our own definitions of the word “calm” and use that definition as a roadmap towards a calmer life. Below is a definition of “calm” condensed into seven habits by Leo Babauta from…

10 Ways That Life Is The Greatest Teacher Of All

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Life, in its profound complexity and persistent unpredictability, has often been described as the greatest teacher. Unlike the structured environments of a classroom or online course, life’s lessons aren’t bound by a curriculum or confined to a textbook. These teachings…

10 Ways To Reduce The Stress In Your Life


As the world becomes a more crowded and busier place the demands that it places on it’s citizens is creating a stress epidemic of almost apocalyptic proportions. So much so that now, most of the illness that plagues the Western…

Meditation For Beginners – 20 Practical Tips

Let Peace Fill Your Body

Embarking on the journey of meditation can often feel daunting for beginners. Between advice from different sources, a plethora of techniques to choose from, and common misconceptions about what meditation should look like, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, the…