Is Journaling A Form Of Writing Meditation?

Should the practice of writing in a journal every day be considered a type of writing meditation?

The short answer is YES!

Journaling is generally a great way to put down your thoughts onto paper which creates a bit of distance between you and whatever was on your mind but the first question that many people ask when they start journaling is “what do I write about?” 

Thankfully, there are no hard and fast rules regarding this as you can write about anything you like.

You can document your day to day activity or, use it as a planner for your goals and achievements but today, I want to show you a journal writing technique that will enable you to clear your mind and start or end your day right.

You begin by setting the timer on your smartphone to say, 10 minutes (for starters but you can build this up over time), make yourself really comfortable, take a few deep breaths then start your timer and proceed to write your “stream of consciousness” onto the paper. 

Allow whatever is in your mind to just pour out like running water. Write down anything and everything that pops up in your head and keep writing until your timer finishes.

Now, what you write might be a string of nonsensical words, phrases and sentences, a shopping list perhaps or, a problem you might be having and how to solve it. It really doesn’t matter if all you’ve written looks like gobbledigook.

Write down ANYTHING! 

Remember to not be focussed or attached to the outcome of this writing meditation. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

The most important thing about this writing meditation is that you empty the contents of your mind onto paper and just by doing that, you clear your mind of all the monkey chatter that was residing in it at the time.

You see, the meditation is in the writing, not the end result.

If you start your day by doing this then followed by some sitting meditation you’ll find your morning routine to be greatly enhanced. If you end your day with this you’ll find that you will sleep much better. 

Personally, I do this on a regular basis as an extension of my own meditation routine and I’m finding myself a lot calmer through the day and I’m much more restful at night.

What are your thoughts about this writing meditation? Is it something you’d consider doing for yourself? If you do try this writing meditation let me know how you go.

Until next time, be still and enjoy the silence,

Corey Stewart
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