The Benefits of Meditating With Others

We’re accustomed to thinking of meditation as a solitary activity, but meditating in community also offers a host of benefits.

The article, “The Benefits of Meditating With Others” by Mindful, highlights the advantages of group meditation, especially in the context of the increased stress and isolation experienced during the global pandemic.

While meditation is often seen as a solitary practice, there’s growing recognition of the benefits it offers when done in community. Historically, meditation has been practiced in communal settings across various cultures, traditions, and centuries, emphasizing the belief that collective intention enhances the practice’s experience and benefits.

Group meditation has been part of both religious and secular communities, offering a space for shared wisdom and support. The article outlines several reasons why people are drawn to group meditation, including enhanced meaning, camaraderie and connection, deeper mindfulness, and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Despite the lack of extensive research comparing group and solitary meditation, participants of communal meditation report numerous benefits such as enhanced focus, stress reduction, increased motivation, and a supportive environment.

In the contemporary world, options for meditating in community have expanded, catering to a wide range of preferences and beliefs. These include online platforms like Banyan, local in-person or virtual groups through Meetup, and meditation classes at gyms or yoga studios.

The article encourages exploring these diverse options to find a sense of connection, shared focus, and personal growth through meditating with others.

Source: The Benefits of Meditating With Others – Mindful

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