6 Ways Meditation Is More Simple Than You Think

We human beings have a really strange habit of making things more complicated than they really are.

Take meditation for example. Mention the very word meditation to the average person on the street and you get comments such as…

  • “Trying to be quiet and still is way to hard to do”
  • “It takes far too long to get any results”
  • “I’m not a Buddhist, meditation has nothing to do with me”
  • “My legs go numb every time I try to sit down and cross them”
  • “I’m just far too busy to be worrying about meditation”

Well, in the Get The Gloss article 6 Reasons Why Meditation Is Far Simpler Than You Thinkauthor Anna Hunter describes a type of meditation that dismisses all of the myths that people attach to it.

Vedic meditation is one of the oldest forms of meditation there is and involves sitting down in a chair for twenty minutes every morning and afternoon or evening, closing your eyes and repeating a personal mantra.

That’s pretty much it, even the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) are doing it.

Now, before I hear you groaning in displeasure saying “please, not another story on Harry and Meghan” let’s give some credit where it’s due.

Harry and Meghan have certainly shone a positive spotlight on the concept of meditation and if Vedic meditation is as simple to do as claimed, maybe more people will start exploring what meditation can do for them.

That to me can only be a positive outcome for everybody.

Anyway, back to the article… Anna Hunter goes on to listing the six reasons why meditation is simple.

  • You don’t have to be cross-legged
  • It doesn’t take up too much time
  • Meditation is for everyone
  • Meditation is not meant to be hard
  • It’s not a religious/belief system
  • It’s not hard to get benefit from

Personally, the belief that meditation is only for a select few people is one of the major obstacles getting in the way of everyone benefiting from it. This article goes a very long way in dispelling any myths or false beliefs about the practise.

What do you think? What is your favourite type of meditation? Let me know what it is.

Click on the original link:  6 Reasons Why Meditation Is Far Simpler Than You Think

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