7 Ways to Slow Time and Savor Your Life

“Time flies.” “Where did the time go?” “Time is a thief.” Life today is consumed by planning, doing, doing more, and looking ahead to what’s next. No wonder time seems to speed by. We rarely observe and experience what’s right in front of us.

In the article “7 Ways to Slow Time and Savor Your Life” by Karen Trefzger on No Sidebar, the author shares insightful strategies to make the most of our time, countering the fast-paced nature of modern life that often leaves us feeling as though time is slipping away unappreciated.

Trefzger, drawing from her own experiences and observations, suggests that by intentionally slowing down and becoming more mindful of our surroundings and actions, we can expand our sense of time and enrich our life experiences.

  1. Be an Observer: Encourages mindfulness and appreciation of the present moment by fully engaging with our senses in everyday activities, such as feeling the water during a shower or noticing the sky on the way home from work.
  2. Change the Routine: Proposes altering daily routines slightly to make familiar experiences feel new and engaging, thereby slowing our perception of time.
  3. Choose Human Speed Over High Speed: Advocates for taking more time to do things manually rather than relying on technology for convenience, which can lead to a cluttered, stressful life.
  4. Take a Break: Suggests setting aside intentional times for breaks throughout the day to shift focus from doing to being, which can help slow down time.
  5. Stop Multi-tasking: Advises focusing on one task at a time to fully appreciate and engage with it, which enhances the quality of the experience and our perception of time.
  6. Be an Explorer: Encourages exploring new places, trying new activities, and learning new things to engage the brain and slow down our perception of time.
  7. Capture the Moments: Recommends keeping a one-sentence journal to capture and savor the important moments of each day, making it easier to reflect on and appreciate the passage of time.

Trefzger’s article is a call to embrace a simpler, more mindful approach to life, where slowing down and savoring the moment becomes a cherished practice. This not only enriches our personal experiences but also allows us to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Source: 7 Ways to Slow Time and Savor Your Life

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