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It’s early January, and many people who made New Year’s resolutions are already going “Oops!” as they realize they’ve already missed a morning at the gym, binged on something unhealthy, or forgotten to meditate.

It’s very hard to change habits.

The article from Wildmind, titled “How to make your New Year’s resolution to meditate daily work,” authored by Bodhipaksa, offers insightful strategies for establishing a consistent meditation practice. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Setting Achievable Goals: The author emphasizes starting with small, manageable meditation sessions, like five minutes per day, to build a sustainable habit. This approach is more realistic and less overwhelming than attempting longer sessions right away.
  2. Redefining ‘Day’ for Meditation: Bodhipaksa introduces the concept of an ‘organic day’—the period between waking up and going back to sleep—as opposed to a ‘clock day’. This redefinition helps in maintaining consistency, especially when you might miss a session before midnight.
  3. Importance of Planning: The article stresses the need for intentional planning rather than relying on willpower or vague intentions. Planning when and how you will meditate each day is crucial for establishing a regular practice.
  4. Adapting to Changes (Plan B): Anticipating and preparing for disruptions to your meditation schedule is important. Having a backup plan ensures you stay on track even when your initial plan is not feasible.
  5. Changing Self-Perception: A powerful strategy discussed is to affirm and internalize the identity of being someone who meditates daily. This mindset shift helps overcome moments of reluctance or resistance.
  6. Handling Slip-ups: The author advises treating missed meditation sessions as learning opportunities rather than failures. Reflecting on what led to the slip-up and how to adjust plans in the future is more productive than feeling discouraged.
  7. Community and Support: While not elaborated in detail in this article, the author hints at the significance of community and mutual support in maintaining a meditation practice.

This article is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to make meditation a daily habit, especially as a New Year’s resolution. It combines practical advice with psychological insights, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Source: How to make your New Year’s resolution to meditate daily work – Wildmind

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