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These are the lessons I learned as I healed. If you, too, need to learn how to slow down and take care of yourself, I hope these lessons can help you on your journey.

The article from Tiny Buddha, penned by DeAnna Minus-Vincent, delves into the profound realization of the importance of self-care and slowing down in life. DeAnna shares her personal journey, which starkly began in the ICU while she was having a heart attack, still tethered to her work and unable to disconnect.

This life-altering event led her to re-evaluate her lifestyle and priorities, especially as a woman of colour who felt the need to constantly prove herself and carry the world on her shoulders.

DeAnna’s narrative is a testament to the transformative power of self-care and the lessons she learned on her path to recovery and self-discovery. Key takeaways from her experience include:

  1. The Importance of Sleep: Emphasizing the often-ignored advice of getting at least eight hours of sleep, DeAnna highlights how critical rest is for overall health and well-being.
  2. Self-Care as a Necessity, Not a Luxury: She narrates her journey from feeling guilty about taking time for herself to realizing that self-care is essential for recharging and giving her best to her responsibilities.
  3. Exercise as a Simple Yet Effective Routine: DeAnna shares her commitment to walking daily, underlining that exercise doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming to be beneficial.
  4. Embracing New Experiences: She talks about how opening up to new experiences, like traveling or trying new activities, can significantly enhance one’s appreciation of life.
  5. Cherishing Family Time: Reflecting on the loss of her mother, DeAnna underscores the importance of spending quality time with loved ones.
  6. The Healing Power of Meditation: After her heart attack, DeAnna discovered the profound benefits of meditation in clearing her thoughts and calming her mind, leading to improved health metrics like lower blood pressure and better sleep.

DeAnna’s story is a powerful reminder that taking the time to slow down and care for oneself is not just beneficial but crucial. Her experiences and the lessons she shares serve as a guide for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the pace of life, encouraging them to prioritize their well-being and embrace the journey of self-care.

Source: How to Slow Down and Take Care of Yourself – Tiny Buddha

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