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I used to envy people who were able to meditate every day, because it was something I struggled with. Certain people just didn’t have a problem with meditating daily, but I found it hard.

The article “Why it’s important to meditate every day” by Bodhipaksa on Wildmind.org delves into the significance of daily meditation practice. Bodhipaksa, who initially struggled with maintaining a consistent meditation routine, eventually overcame this challenge and shares insights from his journey.

He emphasizes that meditation is a crucial aspect of life, profoundly impacting mindfulness, kindness, and personal insights, thereby enhancing overall happiness and making one a better person.

Key points from the article include:

  1. Prioritizing Meditation: Bodhipaksa stresses that meditation should be a priority over less significant activities like social media or TV. He believes that the quality of our relationships, including family and intimate ones, improves with regular meditation.
  2. Deepening Practice: Regular practice, with a conscious intent to improve, leads to progress in meditation, just as in any other skill. This progress is both encouraging and transformative.
  3. Experiencing Consistent Benefits: Meditation offers numerous benefits, including social, emotional, and health improvements. Regular practice allows these benefits to be more consistently experienced.
  4. Overcoming Fear: Bodhipaksa notes that avoidance of meditation is often due to fear of confronting internal restlessness or dissatisfaction. Regular meditation helps in facing and overcoming these fears.
  5. Self-Perception and Confidence: Consistent meditation practice can transform one’s self-perception from seeing oneself as lacking willpower to being strong and confident. This change in self-view is empowering.

Bodhipaksa’s personal journey and teachings emphasize the transformative power of daily meditation, not just as a practice but as a lifestyle choice that significantly enhances one’s quality of life and relationships.

Source: Why it’s important to meditate every day – Wildmind

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