40 Ways to Give Yourself a Break

“Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend.” ~Lao Tzu

The blog article “40 Ways to Give Yourself a Break” from Tiny Buddha, written by Lori Deschene, provides various ways to relieve physical, mental, emotional, and digital exhaustion. It begins by discussing the common overachiever habit of pushing oneself, which can lead to feeling exhausted, overextended, and overwhelmed. To counter this, the article offers practical tips for taking a break in different aspects of life.

Physically, it suggests allowing extra sleep, taking days off from exercise, choosing easier paths like taking an elevator, engaging in restorative yoga, relaxing in saunas, detoxifying the body, getting massages, and being mindful of posture.

Mentally, the article recommends meditation, deep breathing techniques, setting aside financial worries for a day, engaging in playful and creative activities, spending time in nature, single-tasking, indulging in guilty pleasures, avoiding negative people, and simply doing nothing to clear the mind.

Emotionally, methods like metaphorically releasing emotions, practicing muscle relaxation, acknowledging successes, shifting focus from regrets to dreams, creating a worry window, avoiding judgment, expressing feelings through crying, writing down gratitudes, and eliminating “should” from vocabulary are mentioned.

Technologically, the article advises starting mornings tech-free, commuting without technology, planning tech-free hours, reducing email checks, understanding what one seeks from technology, storing gadgets out of sight, fasting from technology, and setting a bedtime for devices.

The overarching theme is to acknowledge when a break is needed and to implement simple, effective methods to alleviate stress and rejuvenate in various aspects of life.

Source: 40 Ways to Give Yourself a Break

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