The 10 Steps To Achieving Inner Peace In Your Life

Inner peace is not just something that simply happens to you. You have to have the intention and the desire to work hard at achieving this worthy goal.

If you follow these ten steps below, you’ll soon find yourself on the way to achieving inner peace which will lead to greater happiness and joy in all aspects of your life.

This journey will certainly take time, however, once you commit yourself to it, your life will definitely change for the better.


The first step towards achieving inner peace is to learn to love. Love others, and most importantly, love yourself.

When you are able to open your heart to see the very best in others and also yourself, you start to understand that all of the minutia we often focus on is pointless when the general beauty of all people (and all life) far surpasses the negatives we dwell upon.

So open your heart and learn to offer and receive love, it will lead you to inner peace.


The next key to inner peace is to smile. Smile when you are happy, smile when you are sad, smile when you do not feel like it. There is a power in smiling that is commonly overlooked.

When you smile the chances of getting a smile back is increased, and there is nothing better than having someone smile back at us.

We are wired to feel lighter as well as better when smiled at so why not choose to initiate it by choosing to grin, constantly, whenever and however you can.


The next step after smiling when you don’t feel like it is to reach out to offer and/or receive hugs. Shaking hands is nice but hugs are much more effective as well as beneficial to both the hugger and huggee.

Researchers have actually revealed that our physical and mental health are improved when we have a increase in physical contact with other people.

I reckon that ten hugs a day ought to be your absolute minimum. What do you think?


This is a big one, and often the step that many of people get tripped up on.

Generally, people find some payoff in holding onto things that they don’t want to forgive. Be it either the perceived control not forgiving gives them, or simply the attention being a victim can provide, they hold on for dear life.

This does no one any good, particularly the individual that can’t (or won’t) forgive. This is because if they can not forgive others then they will never be able to forgive themselves.

And that is the most significant risk to internal peace, not having the ability to forgive oneself.


Among the hidden secrets to inner peace is to learn to get out of our own ego and put others first. This is where service can come in. It assists you to identify that your issues are small compared to the issues other people deal with on a daily basis.

It also equips you to recognise that you have the power to enact change, even in simple ways, to aid others to have a far better life. This is extremely beneficial to your own inner peace.

Eat Well

You can not have good mental health and inner peace if your physical body is not taken care of. And the first place to address imbalance in the physical body is by being mindful of what you eat.

This is very tough ask in our modern day society due to the fact that every one of the cheapest, quickest and most convenient foods are typically the ones that are most harmful to our health.

Eat vegetables and fruits. Avoid fatty as well as processed foods, the more natural it is the better it is for you. This doesn’t imply don’t take pleasure in food, just be food-wise and don’t take the easy way out with your food.

Don’t Numb Yourself

This has become a really common issue in today’s society. In order to truly accomplish internal peace, one mustn’t partake in any activity that numbs the mind.

This could be numbing with alcohol or recreational drugs, or even prescription drugs made to help you to not feel. Other individuals numb themselves by watching TV or being addicts of others things like sports, sex and other such activities.

Do not get me wrong… I like every one of the above, yet there is a huge distinction between taking pleasure in sipping a wonderful scotch while you read vs drinking the same scotch to no longer feel.

Do not numb yourself, if you do you can not attain inner peace.

Keep Fit

This is the pair to eating healthy because without a healthy physical body the mental body will be in turmoil.

When our bodies are not functioning because we have not put in the energy or the effort in maintaining it, the pain and discomfort we feel will distract us from having the ability to let go of things and enable internal peace to flourish.

You don’t have to be a gym junky, you just need to do something on a daily basis that will make you feel really good.

Get your body moving, get your blood pumping around your body and fresh air into your lungs. Just do something that gets you up and moving, whatever it is.

Drink Water

This is another hidden key to inner peace. The single most important thing you can do for yourself is to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

This does not mean you need to stockpile bottles of water, just get a water filter on your sink and use it. It is less costly than buying bottled water all the time, it tastes far better and also it keeps your thirst at bay as well as keeping you healthy and balanced.

Answer me this… Do you get headaches? You’re probably dehydrated. Feel horrible when you wake up? Most likely you’re all dried out. Is your mind not as sharp as it should be? Your body needs more water.

Believe me, if you consume a lot more water, you will certainly be surprised the effect it has on you.


This is the last and most crucial step. If you are really wanting to attain inner peace you need to learn how to slow your mind down through meditation.

The simplest, cheapest and easiest way to slow your mind down is to make time to sit quietly on a daily basis. I know this sounds all Zen-like, but don’t think of men in saffron robes just sitting around and chanting, instead just sit quietly, relax and concentrate on your breathing.

Count your breaths. It may take many months of doing this every day to see a change, but when you first experience that moment of clarity and space between your thoughts, you will truly understand the benefits of a daily meditation practise and become addicted to it.

These ten steps are not a quick fix. It will certainly take some time as well as effort. However, all your hard work will pay off in the long run. I know you can do it, trust me, I believe in you.

You just have to believe in yourself.

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Corey Stewart
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